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Hetzner Online, a German web hosting company, is well-known for its data centers which are mainly located in Germany. Although it hasn’t yet been as popular globally as Mercedes Bentz, Hetzner Online was very well-received in Germany.Buy Hetzner Accounts

This review will focus on both the German and South African branches of a company. While each entity has its limitations in terms of resources, it is important to remember that there are differences between them.

Hetzner offers many custom hosting packages. These include shared hosting and self-managed servers. For those who have special needs, they offer dedicated server rental and colocation. This website is only in English.

I will help you understand Hetzner by helping you compare it with other providers if you take 10 minutes to read my review.

Like many other people reading this review, you are likely familiar with the Hetzner business. Let’s start our review, regardless of whether you are completely satisfied or vehemently opposed. Hetzner accounts for sale/buy Hetzner accounts verified from us. We offer the best Hetzner accounts at an affordable price.


Hetzner offers web hosting plans starting at EUR1.85 per month with VAT. However, setup costs can increase if you need more features.

To set up a plan on a higher level, it would cost an additional EUR9.65. The higher-tier plans charge fewer setup fees.

The most basic plan includes no additional domains (all programs offer more than 20) and 10GB of disk space (others offer between 50-300). All plans offer backups and/or daily compilations containing detailed log files.

Hetzner offers no refunds or trial periods on any service. Buy Hetzner accounts/buy verified Hetzner accounts from us. We offer the best Hetzner accounts at an affordable price.


Although I was unable to create an account, canceling was much easier.

Hefner’s customer support team doesn’t have live chat and all inquiries must go through its website. This causes a long waiting time for a reply. The refund transaction was easy to cancel and the issue was resolved in less than a week. We offer Hetzner accounts for purchase/verified Hetzner accounts. We offer the most affordable Hetzner accounts at a fair price.


Hetzner plans start at USD 1.60 per month. The type of plan you choose will determine the price. Below this sentence, you can view the pricing table. It is updated each week.Buy Hetzner Accounts


It’s not worth the cost to buy a costly plan in advance for many businesses with industrial strength. For smaller companies or first-time customers, it may be worth paying for a cheaper plan upfront to allow them to migrate later and use other hosting options.


You will need to provide your name, address, VAT, phone number, and organization information to set up a Hetzner account. Many spaces offer helpful hints as you type in your information. For example, if you don’t know how to format your phone number or what password requirements you need.

Additional options are available for Hetzner accounts to purchase through the console control panel.

You can access a wide range of products from the console control panel. All you have to do to complete your purchase is to click on the Continue button. You can also choose from other filters if you aren’t sure which product you want until you find the one that best suits your style preferences.

You can upload your website to the console via a web-based FTP. This option is great if you don’t have a hosting account with us. It is easier and faster.

We offer WordPress installation – just click us and we’ll help you – but there is no website builder for sale.

GTmetrix was used to evaluate the website’s performance. You can purchase Hetzner accounts easily from us.


The GTmetrix test showed that Hetzner’s main site loaded very quickly. The entire page took 4 seconds to load and there were only 59% of the requests that the average was 89.

Hetzner guarantees less that 99% uptime because of the location of their data centers (Tier III rather than Tier IV). Hetzner performed poorly during our two-week-long testing period. Their main website was unavailable for 2.5 hours.


Hetzner offers several options to help you solve common problems. Their wiki covers a variety of topics and contains articles that are both short and long. Hetzner provides two options for contacting support: submit a ticket via the admin control panel, or chat support. All Hetzner plans include this:

You will need to create a separate account to read the forum. A tutorial can be created for as little as EUR50 credit. You can also share your knowledge with others.


Both Hetzner and Aruba are European hosting providers that have a long history. The prices of the two options are very similar, with Aruba being cheaper.

Hetzner is better for beginner webmasters, but Hostgator has lower rates and doesn’t increase in price as much. Hostgator’s data centers are in America while Hetzner’s is located across Europe.

Hetzner, a German company, offers hosting at a lower price than Arsys which is Spanish-speaking. Arsys charges setup fees but Hetzner does not.

Bluehost has locations in the US, while Hetzner’s data centers are located in Germany. Although Hetzner might have a more expensive pricing plan than Bluehost it is still better to choose Bluehost because of its lower setup fees during the first 36 months. Hetzner’s data center is in Germany while Bluehost has US locations. We sell verified Hetzner accounts. We offer the best Hetzner accounts at an affordable price.



Hetzner provides the majority of web hosting features, including strong security and customer service. The only thing that is missing is the Cloudflare content delivery system ( CDN), which you will need to set up yourself if you want one.

Although the software installation is not extensive, it provides enough support for CMS and e-commerce solutions. The more expensive plans include dedicated account and tech team support, disaster recovery & backup access, and server monitoring. These options are not included in the standard program.


The volume plan is for developers working on multiple projects or organizations with multiple campaigns. Although it may require some creativity to make sure your needs are met within the pricing structure, it is well worth it for all it offers.


Hetzner hosts an admin panel that can handle most of your server administration requirements. Although it is not as user-friendly or modern-looking as cPanel but it is more capable than what you would expect from a leased server in 2019


You can choose to install Linux or Windows on one of Hetzner’s self-managed servers. They also offer 64GB RAM and root/admin accessibility. Most plans have a traffic limit of 6TB per month.


Hetzner has efficient data centers that use less space. They can also pack more power into each space, keep costs down and provide better services.

All of these amazing features can be enjoyed by purchasing Hetzner accounts/buying verified Hetzner accounts from us. We offer the best Hetzner accounts at an affordable price.

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    Perfect accounts got for my work

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    Awesome experience. Thanks for providing in a regular way.

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    The previous seller only gave me a normal account but gave me a fully verified account.

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    I will place order again very soon.

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    I am satisfied with their professionalism. Always timely response.

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