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Details of Buying Facebook Ads VCC.

  • Only usable for FB ads account verification.
  • The sufficient amount for verifying the FB account.
  • It comes with a specific date of expiration.
  • Any billing address is supported.
  • Transactions through our cards are safe and secure.

Things you will get.

  • The card number of 16 digits
  • Necessary 3-digit code
  • The date when it’ll expire
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Pay for Facebook Ads VCC

You might have heard of VCC as a means of virtual transactions. It’s used to confirm Facebook accounts for ads. Therefore, buy Facebook ads VCCto confirms your Facebook ads account in just a few seconds.

You are aware that Facebook is now a great platform to show different ads from all over the world. Therefore, there is no better alternative to Facebook for innovative business ideas. You can look into your business’s potential by advertising it through the aid of Facebook advertisements.

What is Facebook Ads? VCC?

Facebook Advertisements VCC is used to facilitate transactions for Facebook. It is used only to facilitate Facebook authentication of accounts. It works with all billing systems and is the easiest option for you. However, you won’t be able to receive the money back after you purchase it.

But, it operates at the speed it can. There are many options to choose from. typically take a lot of time to implement any type of billing process for the Facebook campaign, while it only takes about an hour, which is quite excellent.

The VCC is typically a 16-digit number. This is your card’s number. It will also include additional information.

From Where Can You Purchase Facebook VCC?

You can purchase VCC on any website that is a third party or particular website. However, here we will mention the third-party website where you can purchase VCC.

However, other websites offer VCC for Facebook advertisements. Here’s a tip for advanced users. You can purchase your VCC through Coinbase’s Coinbase billing system and Deposit system. In this scenario, you must purchase bitcoins from a different third-party website using a payment method. Numerous platforms allow you to purchase or sell Bitcoins.Buy Facebook Ads VCC

How can I Purchase the Facebook ads VCC?

It’s a good idea to advertise your business using Facebook advertisements. It is affordable and accessible to customers in short periods, and its traffic can be very easily converted. Since Facebook doesn’t allow the virtual master card to advertise any product, you must purchase VCC to run Facebook advertisements. Below, we’ll explain the procedure.

  • Visit our website. We’re an online credit card platform. You can purchase VCC on our website.
  • Right now, Sign up for the software. If you have already registered on this website then sign in
  • Input Full Name, Email Address, and Country.
  • You must add an address and phone number, as well as a username and password.
  • Then, Confirm the password.
  • Go through the Terms and Conditions. After you have read the entire document and agree to the terms, mark the tick in the boxes.
  • Tap Register.
  • Open Dashboard. Select the Add Fund option.
  • Choose a deposit option. You can choose to use PayPal as well as PM or the coin base.
  • You must have an amount of money in the deposit method you choose to use.
  • Now press to create a Virtual Card.
  • There are two options: Visa card and Mastercard. Master Card isn’t offered however, you can choose the Visa Card.
  • Select the package you want to purchase. Choose the package you want to purchase. We will explain the options below.
  • You can enter the amount of the top-up amount you would like to keep on your credit card.
  • Enter the name of the cardholder.
  • Now you can tap to create.
  • Check the work you have completed as well. Confirm
  • Now, you can see the card you have created on the Virtual card list.
  • Tap the View Card. You will see the details on the card.

This is how it works.

Be aware of the price

Return to the home page of There is a button titled Price. Check it out. There are two criteria for pricing.

One is a trusted card The other is a non-reliable one. A trustworthy card can make money refunds, but a card that isn’t reliable is not permitted to make such refunds.

The prices vary too. There is a questionable card fee of $7.4 for a year’s validity.

However, there is a Reliable card fee is $40 for four consecutive years.


Do I have to utilize the same VCC for Facebook ads as well as Google advertising accounts?

  1. Certain VCCs are not allowed to use Google advertisement accounts. They are restricted to specific platforms.

Do you have any restrictions on the billing information you provide when purchasing VCC?

No. If you’d like to purchase an online credit card, you can include any master card virtual that you wish to add as the preferred option on the site.

Can I take money out of Facebook advertising VCC?

Sorry to not be able to. This is strictly to pay for payment.

Do I have to use an HTML0 card with a different account?

It is not possible to do this. In reality, only one card can be used for a particular account.

Can I buy VCC on a different platform? Is it worth it?

It’s worth it. But, you need to determine whether the website of the seller is authentic or fake. After that, you have to decide.


To conclude, it’s the necessity of virtual credit cards that is greatly valued. Because the world is evolving its old paradigms. Also, Facebook ads VCC to create a new model of business, and make it available to all.

Explore your business ideas and then promote your ideas to Facebook users. Because it’s the least expensive method of tracking customers, you should use it to the fullest extent.

Best of luck on your virtual adventure! Are you having issues? We can help. Contact us

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